Highwater Farms is a wildlife facility with a strong focus on the propogation of many exotic species. We hold both North Carolina State and USDA licenses and are listed with Dunn & Bradstreet.

Please feel free to contact us whether your needs call for goats, domestic livestock or exotics.

Sorry, absolutely no primate pet sales.

Species We Work With

Callithrix jacchus (Common Marmoset)  Arctictis binturong (Binturong) Callicebus moloch (Titi Monkey)  Varecia variegata (Red Ruffed Lemur)
Ateles geoffroyi (Black Handed Spider Monkey) Lemur catta (Ring-tailed Lemur)  Otolemur garnettii (Galago)  

PLEASE NOTE : Sales of exotics are restricted to only properly licensed and permitted facilities. Absolutely no primate pet sales.

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Photo Gallery

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 2.  Titi Monkey   4.  Marmoset  

Links of Interest

Sara's Zoo Keeper Page has information on hand raising baby cats and other aspects of being a zoo keeper.

Our Siberian Lynx chronicles what it's like living with two Siberian Lynx.


Contact us at:
Bruce and Kim Rendall
P.O.Box 97
Kipling,  NC   27543
Voice/Fax  (919) 639-6458



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